I am Living My Dream


After working for a cleaning company for five years, as a manager, the time had come for me to quit. It was time for me to begin the process of actualizing my dream- running a cleaning company. I landed a managerial position in a cleaning company by sheer chance and never had I thought that I would fall in love with this nature of the business. Prior to quitting my managerial position, it was important for me to make the necessary plans so as to start my company as soon as I stopped working at the cleaning firm.

As a home based business, I didn’t have challenges finding a business premise. I use my garage and the basement to store all my cleaning tools and devices. However, it was crucial for me to find the best steam cleaners in order to serve the needs of my customers adequately. During the years I was working with my previous employer, I was involved in the procurement process of steam cleaners. With the dynamic nature of this business, we didn’t source similar steam cleaners all the time. This is mainly because there are more types and brands of steam cleaners that are designed every so often. This is one of the most important things that I had learned while working as a manager.

Since we would always use good steam cleaner reviews to identify the best equipment in the market, I decided to use the same approach. Reviews are usually very helpful in determining the appropriate features, sizes and styles of steam cleaners. In the beginning, I needed three steam cleaners with potentially advanced features. This meant spending a considerable amount of money that I have since yielded from my home based steam cleaning business.

My clients love the fact that our cleaning services don’t leave chemical residues and that the outcome is perfect. Most of the customers that we started working with always complained of their inability to get rid of mold and stubborn stains in their bathroom and kitchen floors. With steam cleaning, nothing is impossible. We love it when our customers call or write to us to commend us for a job well done.

In a span of less than one year, we have managed to attract a good number of clients ranging from homes, restaurants, hospitals, offices and even nursing homes. Fundamentally, having the right steam cleaners have significantly contributed to the tremendous success we enjoy today.

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Controling My Unruly Hair With Babyliss

Over the years, I have learned that I love Pinterest very much. This is mainly because I am one of the best fanatics of DIY things. For instance, I didn’t do building and construction at the school, but I managed to make simple furniture for my patio- of course with the help of a few friends. Well, that aside, I have also learned and loved flat ironing my hair from the comfort of my home. As a mother of two, a husband, a home to run and a home based business, making trips to the salon was becoming a little difficult for me. That’s why I decided to invest in the right flat iron so that I can do it personally at home.

straightThe last thing any woman wants is a bad hair day- even if you wish to spend the rest of the day at curled up on the coach. It is usually the same with me; I love my hair looking not only beautiful but healthy and shiny. I had to buy a flat iron before I could learn how to use it at home. As usual, I hit the internet to find the right flat iron for my hair. It is until I started reading about the features of the various flat irons that I learned different hair types require various types of flat irons.

The search was becoming extremely length, and I didn’t like the fact that it was taking too much of the time. In one click of the mouse, I landed on something that not only simplified my search but brought it to an end – Babyliss flat iron reviews. One of the aspects that attracted me to Babyliss flat iron is the fact that hair straightening time is reduced by a whole 40 percent. Can you imagine that? For me, that was going to be a definite plus, and that’s how it has been.

Ever heard of thick, curly, unruly and coarse hair? That’s the best way I can describe my hair. When you have this hair type, it spells disaster because it becomes very difficult to maintain. However, things have since changed for me, and I love every strand of my hair. Besides, I always get long lasting results thanks to my Babyliss flat iron.

My first portable air conditioner

When I started my own business and finally found an appropriate office, I also got a poor working air conditioning system – it had very low efficiency and didn’t provide necessary cooling temperature. A specialist from a local service company stated that it would be cheaper to buy a new one rather than to fix mine. I didn’t know how things will be, so there was no reason to look for a stationary air conditioner.

I never had a portable air conditioner before, so I decided to find out more about it. One of my first surprises was that a portable air conditioner requires a venting kit – almost the same as for a stationary unit. A quality made venting kit increases conditioner’s efficiency and productivity. As I also learned, another aspect that dramatically determines the efficiency of a portable air conditioner is its size. The more room you want to cool – the bigger size conditioner you need. If it’s too small – it won’t be able to keep up a desired temperature, if it is too big, it will do the job too fast and will leave needless moisture in the air. When I finally got my portable air conditioner delivered, I set it up in the most optimal place.


I must admit that the parallel between the size of the conditioner and the size of the room is not only about moisture – it is also about energy efficiency. Generally, you must know the exact size of the room and how tall are the ceilings. There is a special British Thermal Unit rating (BTU) that correlates the power of the portable air conditioner with a size of a particular room. Proper calculations helped me to save more than 30% on electricity bill comparing to my home stationary air conditioner, considering almost similar room sizes.

Portable air conditioner generates noise. It uses multiple fans and compressors for cooling and air circulation so it actually can be a bit noisy. I got one with multiple speed selection feature and in a few clicks I got an acceptable working sound. I also consider that the remote control for an air conditioner is one of the “must have” features – it is not necessary to stand up from your chair and get distracted from your work if you want to change the cooling temperature or any other options.

I strongly believe that a long term and effective work of a portable air conditioner depends on proper general maintenance. Make sure you have its filters cleaned in time, and remember that it must be drained first if you would like to store it.

Picking The Right Vacuum Cleaner


When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner there are a number of factors that you need to consider. One of them the wattage, this will determine the power of the vacuum cleaner and the suction which collects dirt from carpets. Another feature to look out for to know what is the best vacuum cleaner is the nozzle design, this affects the pick up performance of the vacuum cleaner. The higher the dust pick up percentage the better it will perform. Another feature to consider to know what is the best vacuum cleaner is the type of filter. The type of filters used in vacuum cleaners vary depending on the purpose. Their explanation is better here with lots of vacuum cleaner reviews.

For instance, Hepa filters are used to pick very minute dirt and particles that could circulate in the air as compared to micro filters that is used for general purposes. If you want to know what is the best vacuum cleaner of the year, check out this Huffingtonpost article and you will have an idea about what to buy. Canister vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning stairs and bare floor but remain a challenge for cleaning carpets. The problem that most consumers have about the canister vacuum cleaner is the noise and weight. If you want to know what is the best vacuum cleaner brand according to consumer reviews is the Miele, Elctrolux, Hoover and Sebo.

Sebo Felix is one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2013, that can take up several house cleaning jobs, with a powerful suction and filtration mechanism. Another 2013 vacuum is the Miele Bolero which is quite strong and flexible to move around the house.the underside of this vacuum is that it is quite heavy for a vacuum. Dyson DC25 Ball All floors, Dirt Devil Featherlite MO85845, the Shark navigator and Kenmore Intuition 311000 are some of the best vacuum cleaners for 2013.

Your Guide to Buy The Best Sewing Machine

It is easy to get confused when buying a sewing machine with so many brands and types. In fact, it becomes really hard to make your mind which one suits you the best. Sewing machines are broadly classified into different types based on the stitch types. But that’s not all these can also be classified according to the structure.

sewing hobbySo, depending on the types of stitches you can do the sewing machine can be classified into flat bed, post bed, raised bed, cylinder bed and side bed sewing machine. Read up more beginner sewing machine reviews 2015 if you’re searching for your first sewing machine.

Each of these comes with special features. For instance, if you want to try out lock stitch or chain stitch flat bed sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines available. Again, if you want to stitch some buttons and looking for pre sewn option, the raised bed sewing machine fits your need. The post bed machine is suitable for stitching shoes and bags and comes with increased height.

The next comes the cylinder bed machine. This is used to stitch the trousers or sleeves . These are mostly used for bar tacking and button sewing. The last in this list is the side bed sewing machine. It is suitable for over edge stitching and side stitching and has a small working area. Along with stitching style, sewing machine can classified into several types depending on the features. There are electric machines, computerized machines and over locker sewing machines.

The electric machines are best since they solve a number of purposes. These are extremely fast and small in size. These also allow you to change the size of stitches simply by turning a dial. The next is the computerized machine. These can do anuthing that an electric machine does and even more.

You can operate these through computer screen or touch pad and download number of programs. It is capable of memorizing your past work and also stores hundreds of stitches for you to choose. Along with these, the over locker machine is also a good choice since it gives a professional look to your garments.

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Air Purifier – The Best Air Filters in the Market

At the speeds which cars and industries are messing our environment, it is no wonder that diseases have become so prevalent in the current days because of the variety of toxins that are floating around in the air we breathe. This is a major concern not only to us but also to our families and especially if we have children.

Since prevention is better than cure, it is imperative that you have an air purifier in your home to give you the best quality and clean air as God would have wanted it. Considering just how different everyone’s needs differ when it comes to an air purifier, samuelparusa.com for best advises and recommendations.

Blueair 650E

  • This 35 pound table top air filter is an ideal addition for your home or in a large room. It comes with a filter indicator to let you know when you need to change the filter or clean it out, a programmable timer, a remote control for easier and stress free operation and finally has a 3 speed selection for you to choose from. The blueair is a filter-based air purifier that is an ideal option particularly because it is highly portable and hence you can carry it with you if you are changing rooms without much planning.

Oreck Airstinct 200 AIR 108

  • This is another ideal portable air purifier weighing in at just 14.9 pounds. It is also filter based but comes with a dirt sensor, 5 speeds and a filter indicator. It is also ideal for floor or table top placement for use in a medium sized room. 3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air purifier FAP03.

According to most air purifier reviews, this is among the best low cost air purifiers that you can come across. Costing at only $170, it is a filter based purifier that comes with a filter indicator and a variety of 3 speeds to choose from. It does not end there, it is also portable and does not need any technicians raiding your space to install it.

Considering just how different everyone’s needs differ when it comes to an air purifier, Howard M Cohen’s blog advises that when you go out to buy one, consider the size of the room and ensure that it has fans. Also keep in mind that it should have low noise or none at all less you want to get a migraine as you breathe in cleaner air. 3M and Lennox are among the most reliable brands in the current market.

What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

dehumidifier (3)

Dehumidifiers reduce the moisture in the air and help with temperature control to reduce things such as condensation, mildew, and mold build up. Mold and mildew and lead to a large range of diseases in the human body, a very large range actually that are especially harmful to those with building immune systems like children or weakened immune systems like the elder or someone who has a disease which effects the immune system.

So the house dehumidifier would: stop the build up of mold and mildew, be easy to use as well as easy to maintain, have a reasonable cost when purchasing as well as a reasonable cost to run, and also have the capacity to do the job effectively and continuously. Get further information at IOT Works.

A dehumidifier works in a few different ways. The mechanical, refrigerative way works by cooling a coil which the air is then made to pass by, the water that is released from the air is collected in the machine and the air is heated back up and returned to the area it was taken from. The other type of dehumidifier is one that uses a desiccative.

A desiccative is a material inside a dehumidifier such a silica gel that will absorb water in the air when it comes in contact with it. These devices are not used in heavy humid places because the desiccative becomes over saturated extremely fast.

Also something to consider is if you have a modern air conditioner, it will also work as a dehumidifier. Some ACs have a built in drain which is used which is used to dispel all gathered water in the air conditioner and put it outside. The best dehumidifier would not only be able to handle as much water as need but also it must be able to dispose of the water where and when you need it disposed.

The price should be a factor when deciding which the best dehumidifier for you is; if your price range is large these are not something to go cheap on. After all, these devices are to keep you safe from disease caused by a built up of mold and mildew, that is not something anyone should take lightly!

Also, it costs money to actually run the device since it is electric. Thanks to today’s rating systems you can easily spot a energy star appliance and that particular difference can make your humidifier pay for itself of the course of a year rather than buying a cheaper one that uses lots of electricity and does half the work!

There are lots to consider when deciding which is the best dehumidifier for you. Whether it’s the cost, size of tank, disposal system, which kind you want, or the price of running it, it can all get very in depth and quite confusing. So the best thing to do is set your list of the best dehumidifiers would be for you, check out a few different ones, maybe read some reviews on them, and make a decision. You’ll be happy you got one in the long run!