Launch of VH1 Co-Star on TV Tune-In Platform

We’re really pleased to work with our friends at VH1 to launch VH1 Co-Star and for the press it is receiving from the posts on GigOm to Mashable to Fast Co Design.

While television co-viewing or second screen interactivity has been long discussed, users often must find bounce from Twitter to Facebook to message boards to comment and interact with other fans. VH1 and TV Tune-In offer a single destination for fans to see both what the producers of the show have to say and for fans to chime in (in-app without having to post to Facebook or Twitter).

We love having VH1 as a partner because they inspired our platform from endless summers of watching Pop-Up Video in our youth . As the platform evolves, we will be providing VH1 a toolkit to tell their fans more about their content while it is airing live.

Checkout VH1 Co-Star and let us know what you think! Ping us @roguepaper or @tvtunein — We’d love to hear from you!

May 5th, 2011